How to Start Your Own Meditation Practice or Go Deeper on the One You Already Have

Meditation used to be something I said I would never do. Thank goodness that changed because meditation has truly transformed my life.

What could meditation do for you? Or what has it maybe already done?

I started meditating about 9 years ago, few years out of high school with stress levels that were continuously high and emotions that felt honestly, explosive. Truthfully I was even having suicidal thoughts mixed with anxiety attacks and I truly didn’t know who to turn to. Everyone just kept saying “live with it”. I was going crazy, my thoughts felt dangerous and the more time that passed the harder it was to talk about the awful pain I was experiencing daily.

Time was passing and I didn’t feel like it was getting better, like I was getting better…

Meditation continued to pop up on my YouTube and I thought what do I have to lose.

Immediately I felt better after one guided meditation. This shocked me and it has grown more and more ever since.

If you are ready to start a meditation practice or if you want to go deeper on the one you have here are a few tips of mine and how I started my practice.

Comfort. This is so crucial. Have a comfortable place to become still and relaxed. I have heard it’s not the best to meditate in bed but I don’t follow that. I say meditate literally anywhere you are comfortable. The key is not to fall asleep, focus on your breathe. Honestly it’s ok if you do fall asleep though. Your subconscious is still listening. Sometimes I do a meditation before bed and it guides me into a peaceful sleep every time. Typically laying down on a mat, or on the floor creates a nice straight spine but again, do it if you’re comfortable. Sitting up didn’t always work for me but now I love sitting up and using a meditation cushion. Adding bolsters and props might bring even more comfort if you have them.

Second tip; relax and don’t judge whether you’re doing it right or not. Meditating is difficult at first because it’s easy to expect something or wait for a certain feeling and it’s just not like that. Every time you meditate it will be different. Sometimes it will be easy to breath and feel peaceful, sometimes an answer to a question you had comes but it’s always different. When we expect it takes away from our awareness. Just let it happen. Don’t judge yourself. You may hear guidance, or you may visualize a field of wild flowers. Or you may even just see darkness, that’s ok too. Every time will be different and the more you do it the more you will get out of it, trust me.

Location. Starting out it’s a beautiful thing to have a place to go to tap in to the power of meditation. Creating a place that is your own sacred area will keep you coming back in my opinion. I still love using my sacred space but I meditate everywhere now. My favorite is outside. The sun is so activating when you first wake up and meditate. Do this anywhere you’d like. Make it your own. Always make sure you are somewhere safe where you will not be disturbed.

When my mind is at peace, the way is clear.

Choose the style. I started out with short ten minute guided meditations on YouTube. The more I got into it the more I realized there are tons of different styles to meditate I probably still haven’t tried them all. The basic sound options I rotate through are; binaural beats and frequencies, guided, affirmations, and hypnotherapy. Binaural beats and frequencies have no voice, but use brainwave activity to help you relax and tap into meditation easily and effectively. Guided is still one of my favorites, a voice to focus on is relaxing to myself. I suggest this one to start with because it is easy to keep the focus on what ever guided meditation you have chosen. Affirmations are simple and direct. Listen to the affirmation and repeat it in your head to yourself with emotion backing the words you are saying. This form of meditation can be really powerful. Hypnotherapy last but not least, is where you go even deeper into the subconscious. I have found it to be extremely healing and very effective. It’s not like they convey on the movies, you don’t lose control and turn into a crazy animal. You have total control and all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

There are so many benefits and positivity meditation helps with but if you truly are interested in starting a practice just do it! It is very rewarding right away and long term especially. A few ideas to get you started; look up meditations on YouTube (any style that I listed above) and you can focus on success, wealth, happiness, love, positivity, healing, and anything you would like help strengthening your mindset with.

Watch your wildest dreams of health, wealth and happiness come true!

If you have never meditated I challenge you to try it, what do you have to lose? Your life can transform, at the least you will find relaxation. We are in stressful times and finding healthy ways to cope in the uncertainty is more important than ever! Sending you all love, stay high vibing.

5 Reasons why you should make your health a priority

Getting my health back has been EVERYTHING. I swear you guys it was just a few years ago I was at my absolute worst health, and it showed in every way. I am here today feeling stronger than I have in a while and I feel lucky to get to share a few reasons why getting your health back (or going deeper in your commitment to your health) is worth it. So worth it.

How much better would life be if you felt amazing in the health department of your life. Feeling better everyday is a huge reason to be healthy. This includes physical and mental health in my opinion, if we feel good our lives feel good too. Let’s be honest, inspiration is hard to find when we feel like crap. Nobody wants that.

Living longer is a benefit to reclaiming our health. It’s an obvious but important one. Tomorrow is never promised and we can do so much with what we have today so start living for yourself because you matter and your life matters.

When we get healthy we inspire others to get healthy. I think this is a huge reason being healthy is important to me. I watched my parents poison themselves with alcohol abuse and unhealthy habits and I couldn’t save them but I chose to be a reflection that it is possible to live a healthy life. We all struggle with our health sometimes and the better we can take care of ourselves the better we can take care of our loved ones. You will notice how much deeper your relationships feel when you are committed to your health.

Have you ever felt sick and tried getting a million things done? I bet you felt awful when you were done, or you might not have even finished because of the utter pain pulsing through your body. When we are healthy we get more things done and actually enjoy the things we’re doing.

Of course a huge plus to getting our health back is looking better. Who doesn’t want that hot summer bod when summer roles around. This may seem like a superficial one but honestly I will admit this is a huge one for me. I love looking good and feeling confident in my own skin. Health will have you glowin, trust me. People almost feel your energy, when you feel good you reflect that in your face. You are beautiful no matter what, remember this. BUT our health will always be reflected through our physical and energetic bodies.

I will be offering 1 on 1 support for health and wellness the next few months, I will share the process I have used to get my health back and powerful tools you can use any time in your future. If you’d like to work with me please head to the landing page form on my website or email me at divingdeepwithdd@gmail.com for more info. Thank you!

People always leave, exactly when they are meant to

Have you been one to believe, people always leave? raise your hand

I see you, I see you. Good, maybe I’m not the only one.

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Ever since I can remember I’ve had this line stuck in my head, “People always leave”probably connected to my severe abandonment issues that I try to shove down and pretend don’t exist, but who am I kidding.

None of us want to be left, but when we come from a helpless place it will feel like we are that kid screaming “PLEASE PLEASE DONT LEAVE”

Story time,

So last year I had a lot of past trauma resurface. After the pandemic beginning and the uncertainty of it all I felt a little more unsafe every day… and then a close friend of mine passed very randomly and suddenly. Car accident, someone hit her driving on the wrong side of the road in mid daylight.

I felt myself shut off… if she was gone how could I go on.

The phases of grief are a bitch, let me just add.

Not only that but my best friend at that time, decided to leave as well. I truly think my pain was to much for her, she had never lost someone in a traumatic way. I begged her to stay, to console my aches and be my shoulder but she took the first opportunity to slam the door and lock it up. (Meaning she even blocked me)

My self worth was at an all time low. Wow, how pathetic was I to have no one in my darkest time I felt helpless and afraid… and then it clicked.

Was this a pattern in my life

I had been feeling this heart ache of being left because maybe all along it was a belief I had. My worth reflected my beliefs and those mother fuckers manifested into my reality. Being abandoned was my worst fear, and it left me feeling broken time after time.

I started to choose me, when no one else was around. What a gift… and then the healing started.

Know you have everything inside of you, you are strong and if you go through anything alone just know that takes courage.

I ran into that “best friend” this last weekend and honestly I’m glad she left. I didn’t have me before, and her leaving made me realize I had been giving a lot of my energy away to people who were never going to understand or genuinely reciprocate that connection back.

Let people go when they are walking away. Because if you stay where you don’t belong how will you ever find the people who will celebrate you and lift you up.

Don’t blame yourself, people really can only go as deeply as they have gone with themselves. It’s nothing to take personal when someone doesn’t want to be in your life, who knows maybe it’s even a blessing.

People are going to opt out of your life, and that’s okay. LET THEM.

Your tribe will hold you, your tribe will get you and it’s our responsibility to welcome that love when it comes and release it when it has come to an end. I will forever honor my friend who passed away, she was my tribe and she is watching over me while I find who I am meant to be close to next.

Losing people teaches us things, and we can honor this. When you look back , be grateful for the ones you have loved and the ones who have loved you.

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How to relieve tension naturally, put down the ibuprofen

When our bodies are holding tension even the simplest tasks seem hard because of the heaviness. I believe we are not meant to live day to day with tension.

I watched my parents numb themselves with alcohol most of my life and when I got older I saw myself leaning on numbing the pain.

This post may contain affiliated links. If a purchase is made using my link I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you

For years, that was my reality. Push through the pain. “Maybe it will go away on its own or maybe I will just get used to it”… this isn’t the way it has to be.

Pain had been easy to “cope” through until all the stuff I was pushing under the rug made me feel it, and boy did I regret ignoring that tension all those years. I won’t go into the full details but I knew something had to change, I finally said enough is enough.

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We get to take care of our health, we get to take time for ourselves to process stress, but these are all choices. I hope you choose you over the job, I hope you choose you over the pain of caring that story, and I hope you realize you are worthy no matter where you are and how you feel.

You deserve to feel good, so if you’re decision is to release tension I hope these tips help!!!

First things first, your current state of mind will reflect in your body. Get your mind right, what ever that may mean to you! Meditation/ calming the nervous system is the most important part of my routine honestly. My mind usually is against me, so I have learned to program it to work for me instead. This helps in all situations I used to feel tense in, such as social interactions even. The body can achieve what the mind believes.

During that period in my life where tension was an everyday thing and my pain from the injury was chronic I would lean on essential oils to relieve stress. This felt way better than taking another pain pill. My favorite oils to relieve tension have to be tea tree, peppermint and lavender. The more pure the oil the better they work, just a heads up. Even just a drop or two will do the trick almost instantly.

Heat/ sauna is the next golden nugget. This one surprises me every time, how good it feels to just sit there and let all the heat soak up all the stress… ahhhhh bliss. I first discovered this when I had been getting back into fitness and that also releases a lot of tension in the body. I was in a hot yoga room and my body started popping in places that had felt stiff for years. Be cautious with this one always make sure to be hydrated and NEVER push your body further than it is able to go. When more tension releases your endurance and flexibility will inevitably increase over time. Enjoy the release, but don’t over do it! Feels so good getting all those toxins out making room for good energy.

Massages / acupuncture definitely one of my favorite ways to de-stress. Acupuncture helped me heal a block I had in my wrist from my first job, only 21 years old with tendentious (it’s similar to carpal tunnel) I was miserable with that constant pain and I tried EVERYTHING. Acupuncture was the last thing I expected to work, at the time and I am so so so grateful I tried it.

Jade rollers have been in my self care routine and they have so many benefits. We hold so much tension in our faces, a jade roller can help to relieve that tension and it usually clears that buildup of tension that might be collecting in one spot. Giving yourself a face massage, yes please. The crystals and stones you choose even hold specific energy if you’re into that sort of thing, like me.

Breathe work is the last but not least tip I’m sharing. I discovered breath work on my healing journey and I swear it will shock the hell out of you how much tension can be released in a breath work session. It shocked me. I felt healed on a physical emotional and mental level. Our breath holds the answers, and that really isn’t just a woo woo thing. Breath is what gives us life so it makes sense it cleanses and restores us too.

Hope this was helpful beautiful humans! See you next time.

This post may contain affiliated links. If a purchase is made using my link I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you

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22 Affirmations for Self Empowerment, you’re brave

What’s up beautiful human! Hope you’re having a great day, thanks for stopping by for some high vibes and inspiring words. Affirmations can be a powerful tool to use when transforming.

Fill your mind with positivity, and see your life change. Feel the words, let them be true and if they feel uncomfortable lean into it to release it. Repetition is helpful so come back to these if you’d like!

Here are 44 affirmations to get you feeling great about yourself and where you’re headed!

1. I am worthy of the best life has to offer.

2. I attract healthy people and circumstances into my life.

3. Happiness is my birthright!

4. I accept myself for who I am and allow my authenticity to shine through.

5. I am capable of doing big, bold, and brave things.

6. I feel my desires materializing.

7. My energy is fully charged and I am ready to do anything.

8. I am a limitless being.

9. I love the person I am, and I am grateful for the person I am becoming.

10. I believe in myself and my dreams.

11. I choose to release the past and I am fully accepting this moment now.

12. I become more and more calm with each breathe I take.

13. I choose to fill my mind with positive supportive and healing thoughts.

14. Taking care of myself feels good.

15. I appreciate all my body does for me.

16. I am extremely proud of my growth.

17. Success comes natural to me.

18. I am valuable and have so much value to add to the world.

19. I am taking actions towards completing my goals daily.

20. I am allowed to make mistakes, failure does not define me.

21. I am letting go of expectations and enjoying my journey.

22. I have the power to truly make a difference!

Thank you for reading! I hope these were helpful. We all deserve to feel great where we are right now and affirmations can be a great way to align with that greatness now! See you next time soul tribe.

Living an empowered life ☀️☀️☀️

Living in Purpose: making a living and making a life worth living

You’ve probably been hearing this word more often then usual. The word purpose.

The old mentality of find a job and as long as it pays the bills has been shifting for me and a lot of others I am seeing. Maybe for many of you this was never your mentality, but for A LOT of us we’ve been through the ringer in the corporate world or maybe that’s worked well for you and that’s fine too. Maybe your soul slowly died more everyday you went into a job you despised. Hands raised, yup me too.

There’s gotta be a better way, right?


My first entrepreneur event, when I gave myself permission to start dreaming bigger!

We’ve all struggled on some level to figure out what the heck it is we are meant to do here.

Let’s face it, WE ALL HAVE A PURPOSE.

We are all unique and every single one of us has a different gift for a reason.

I’ve worked in the restaurant industry on and off the last 10 years of my life, in between doing other jobs and even tried office work for a few years. I usually like all of the jobs at first but before I know it burn out was kicking my butt every time.

I decided to step away from working for a little and gave myself a second to figure out what I wanted next.

Bills are important but your happiness should always be a priority.

The money comes, the next day comes (usually) but what if you waste your whole life being a dulled down version of who you never wanted to be…. That is the real tragedy.

Balance is possible. We are allowed to get paid doing what we love and also build a life we love.

Who said you had to do it this way or that way, no you can do why you want how you want!

I can say dropping those shitttt jobs was a tough decision but the best decision I could have made. Even though it’s been uncomfortable in different ways I am becoming happier. I’m still figuring out how to make money in the online world but it’s exciting to expand in different ways and just giving myself permission to dream again has been everything.

Earning money and being happy with what you are doing is possible. Earning the most money you ever have while doing what you were made to do, now that’s the life! Now that’s purpose.

Why is my motivation gone, and how the f do I get it back? 4 ways to get motivated now

Motivation can be difficult to find sometimes.

How we lose our motivation? Who knows, but it’s important to get it back! So how are we suppose to do that honestly.

A few years ago, I had stumbled upon lack of motivation. I had felt it before, but this time it felt like it was taking over my life.

Usually I’d find my motivation again, naturally. Sometimes it took a little time but this time was different. I felt depression every inch of my body after struggling with the passing of a close friend and my dad. Most days I just had so much emotion I couldn’t fathom doing something productive.

Force yourself, was always what I lived by. If it matters get it done. Truly that was creating burnout CONSTANTLY. I made a decision to take some time off of work because everyday was awful, and it wasn’t seeming to just get better like all the times before.

Slowly, I got back up. I fell back in love with being alive….. it took a while but motivation started seeping through my body and mind again.

When I started getting my motivation back!

If you’ve been feeling rough, having trouble finding motivation hang in there and believe that spark to ignite your life is right around the corner. Here’s 4 things that helped me tremendously to get my inspiration back!

– Accept where you are. Surrender to what you’ve been through, and the emotions it has brought. Give yourself some grace and accept it. Maybe you failed, maybe you experienced a heartbreaking loss. Let it in, let it be what it is. And then and only then we can start to let go of the heaviness that may be holding us down.

– Exercise. Get moving honey! It doesn’t always feel the best to start working out again but once you are moving your body motivation usually comes pouring in. Sometimes it really is as simple as get moving and you will start to feel better in a creative way even.

Meditation. Usually if you’ve tried a number of things but you keep losing your motivation finding the cause in your subconscious mind could be the answer. We sometimes pick up bad habits along the way and to release that may be holding us back is sometimes just what we need to move forward. Your mind is a powerful tool make sure it is working for you and not against you. For extra boost in your meditations I recommended listening with binaural beats.

Last thing I will say I might lose some of you, but this is where the real magic is for getting your motivation back easily: Balance your Solar Plexus. This is an energy system we all have inside of ourselves. It’s where our confidence and motivation lie and if it is out of wack we are too. Look up ways to balance this area, for example sunlight helps us connect to this part of ourselves. It could be as simple as going to sit in the sun but it could make a huge difference energetically, if you’re into that kinda stuff (like me).

I hope this empowers you to get motivated, just sharing what has truly helped me! Thank you all for reading.

Having a Creative Block? Here’s 5 Ways to Shake it

As an artist I have been blocked creatively many times. It’s annoying but it is possible to shake this and sometimes it can be a lot easier than we think.

Relax. Taking a step back to slow down seems counterproductive but it can actually be just the things you need to push you forward. Take it from me, some of my best ideas and inspiration come when I feel relaxed usually during meditation or even when I’m just enjoying a beautiful view in nature: like now for example I am writing while it’s pouring rain outside(my favorite). Let the creativity flow.

Dance and free you body with your mind. Let go of judgement and just dance. You will be surprised with how much energy can shift when you move your body. If you aren’t into dancing, even working out or any physical activity will get that energy flowing!

Read when you want to find inspiration. Let your mind be filled with knowledge and imagination. Reading stimulates our minds, watching tv can usually make me feel even more stuck but reading always gets me in flow.

What ever you are doing, make it fun. When we allow ourselves to have fun, we get back into flow. Fun and excitement can be the ingredients that make anything better but it can also be a great way to let the ideas and creativity start to expand.

Last way to get out of that creative block is balance your sacral chakra. This one may be a little woo woo for some but if you are into chakras you know how powerful they can be, especially when it comes to unblocking and releasing what is no longer serving us. My favorite way to work with chakras is through meditation and sound frequency healing. You will instantly feel a passion to create again.

What you create and bring into the world matters. Blocks suck, so if you have been blocked I hope this helped to get you back into creation mode!

Thank you for checking out my blog, hope you have a beautiful day!!

22 Affirmations to Boost Your Immune System!

Right now it is so important to keep our immunity up, I don’t even have to tell you guys. You know.

There are many ways to keep that immune system happy; our diet, our stress levels, vitamin intake and so much more plays a role into our health. I believe one of those major factors includes our mindset.

Affirmations are a great way to train our mind to resonate with certain beliefs. Success, happiness, gratitude are very common affirmations to listen to and read but I think we can support our immune systems just as much with subliminal messages and affirmations.

I listen to immune boosting affirmations anytime I am starting to feel a cold or even just when seasonal allergies start irritating the heck out of me.

So here are 22 affirmations I came up with to help you guys boost your immunity also!! Hope you enjoy, and these can help any time not just when your needing an immune boost!

  • My body is releasing anything no longer serving me.
  • I am grateful for my health.
  • I feel energized and I know my body is working to keep me feeling great.
  • Good health is my birthright.
  • Everyday in Every way I am getting healthier and healthier.
  • I am open and receptive to all of the healing energies of the universe.
  • I love and care for my body and it cares for me.
  • My body always heals quickly.
  • I invest in myself and my health because I deserve to feel good.
  • I am able to sleep through the night peacefully and wake up feeling rested.
  • I am open to new ways of improving my health.
  • I do things that support my health and happiness.
  • I am letting go of things that bring my mind and body stress.
  • I recover quickly.
  • I am grateful for all of my organs working healthily and fully on their own.
  • My heart always keeps me going, it is strong and resilient.
  • My wellness is a priority.
  • I love the way I feel in my body.
  • I speak to myself with love and compassion and give appreciation to my body.
  • My mind is clear and healthy.
  • Thank you for my legs that I use to walk everyday.
  • I am so extremely grateful for my healthy always working immune system.

3 Ways to Tap into Your Abundance Now

We all have the ability to tap into abundance.

When we are children, we see the richness of life in everything we touch, taste and feel. Everything is more radiant. Laughs are harder and smiles are sweeter. We enjoy life for what it is and don’t really have a concept of money yet. We have all we need, and see abundance everywhere naturally.

Our conditioning teaches us otherwise as life goes on. I used to blame my parents for the awful energy I had around money, but honestly they tried their best and money was just as much of a fear to them. Would we have enough for this item I wanted at the store. The answer was always “we don’t have money for that” which taught me we don’t have money for things we want, only for things we need.

As I grew into an adult I noticed that same mentality was following me around EVERYWHERE. I always had just enough to pay my bills. Always right on the dot of what I needed but hardly ever had even $10 extra dollars to go get some food.

The income I was making grew but then my bills would grow along with it. I couldn’t catch a break. I felt poor and helpless. Even when I had money the fear of losing it was always on my mind.

My adult life consisted of me working and then never having money to do anything else. I ran that hamster wheel for a decade, feeling constantly drained and I was unsure how to get off so I kept going until I absolutely couldn’t take another minute of the run around.

I realized it wasn’t the money I was making. It wasn’t the jobs I had. My awful feelings around money was my mindset. It was me, I was the problem all along. I knew I could do something from here though. So I did.

Money is apart of life, but the energy we feel around money is up to us. Here are 3 of my tips to step into your abundance now. Hope you enjoy, and always remember you were born to prosper.

First tip: Raise your vibration and you will be a magnet for even more. When we are a magnet we don’t even have to try, those things we define as abundant will come to us naturally. In my opinion the more we focus on something the harder it is for it to come to us. Be a vibration match for the things you want and watch them start showing up. There are so many ways to raise your vibration, basically anything that makes you happy works. Some examples can be meditating, hiking, star gazing, laughing with friends and the list really goes on and on. It’s important for us to be in a happy state to attract abundance.

Gratitude for what you already have is so important when creating more abundance in your life. Look around, see everything you have and appreciate having those things. You once didn’t have those things. Just like you might not have a million dollars in your bank account right now but if you want to be a magnet for that you must be grateful for the money you do have in there. Even if it’s only $2. Trust me, gratitude it magic.

Allow yourself to receive. OH MY GOSH. This one is honestly so important but truly where a lot of people get stuck. This has a lot to do with self worth. Sometimes we block our blessings from fully arriving in our lives just because of the simple fact that we are not open to receive. Flex that self worth muscle, grow it and know you deserve every fucking thing you want. Energy is an interesting thing and our energy will never lie. Some of us never learned how to receive, always giving but this isn’t allowing abundance to come into your life. It’s should be an equal harmony of give and take. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve struggled with this one but the more we become aware of it the better we get at noticing when we are taking the short end of the stick. Abundance is your birthright, all you have to do is accept it!!

I know this was short and sweet but I was feeling a flow on this subject! Thinking about adding wealth codes every so often, stay on the look out for more!!

Sending you all so much positivity hope everyone is creating the life of their dreams, I know I am!

Four Steps to Start Creating ANYTHING

Some are born creators. They create masterpieces out of thin air. As children, I believe we are all creative and then as we get older we have to push down the creative flow and start “getting serious”. I envy those who have never lost their creativity but I am very grateful to have a process to always tune back into my creativity. I am so happy to share them with you guys so we will get right to it!

Blocks be gone, creation come through. Here are four steps in order that I tap into while facing a wall in creating.

Inspiration is where it all begins. This is where the magic starts and all of the creativity is formed here, in my opinion! Inspiration is interesting because it is different for EVERYONE. What inspires you and gets you in your creative flow might not be what gets another flowing. Do what gets you into that fully expressed state! It could be dancing, and moving your body in all the sweet ways. Some find inspiration from the things happening in their lives and around them. My all time favorite way to get inspired is honestly meditating. My mind is vivid world and when I tap into its power I always come back with more creative energy and inspiration to create what ever the fuck I want!

Dedication is the next essential step to bringing your creations to life in this world. If all we ever did was step one we would get absolutely no where, like I did for a few years of creating. We all go through it as artists and creators but how you keep going is going to bring your work success. Dedication to growing and to keep going even if you need to take a break is everything. I’m being honest when I say you might not always have the motivation and drive but when your dedication is stronger you will create magic. In time you will see your work grow, or in no time it’s all about your dedication.

Believe in yourself is the next key ingredient. I’m not going to lie, this has been a huge issue for me and the reason a lot of my creations have stayed on the back burner. The more you practice anything you get better, same with believing in yourself. It feels uncomfortable at first and you may just want to push through, but tapping into why you are doing what you are doing and why you are completely capable of creating this into the world. Our ideas choose us for a reason. They come to us because we can and will make it happen. Giving up on our dreams isn’t going to cut it. Tune into why that self worth is so low. You deserve to see the best in yourself, we all do. Self worth will change our business’, our homes, our relationships and our lives. Believing in yourself will back you every time, promise.

Action. Last but not least, YOU GOTTA TAKE ACTION. Not just any action, but aligned action. If you are getting stuck on this last step you are either feeling a bit stuck in taking action, or you’re doing A LOT but it’s all over the place and there is no intention behind the actions. Compulsive work is yuck in my opinion. I don’t always take action, I take action when it feels right and in alignment. If you are pushing and forcing it doesn’t feel good. We must learn the balance of rest and work but when it is time to take action we are full and ready to be in our highest light to create and serve.

For years I felt stuck. If you guys are here, I see you, I feel you. You got this.

Sometimes you will have all of the energy to create, other times you might feel stuck for what feels like forever but you are never stuck. Don’t let any block have control or power over you. You are a creator. Take your power back!

I hope you enjoy these tips to getting into a state of flow. If you’ve read this far I want to share my secret for tapping into my creativity and letting my creations come to life in this physical world. My secret is chakras. Start at the root, up to the crown and come back down again to root. The energy will flow through you to connect you to your highest creative potential!

This will be part of my 1:1 coaching offer coming out in December! If you’re interested in going deeper look out for more details coming soon!!

Sending love beautiful beings.